180V Mini Metal Lathe

180V Mini Metal Lathe First Look

Branded the Mingxi MX-180V mini metal lathe this model is available in a few different configurations from different resellers. And they’ll all have (for the 180V) a digital read-out and 8″ by 12″ work area.

A nice feature of this model, over the one seen on This Old Tony, is the metal gearing. It seemed like that was his biggest complaint with the less expensive, slightly larger mini lathe he purchased. So I went with the shorter model with stock all metal gearing.

The motor claims to draw 600W. Which implies 5A of current (600W/120v = 5A). Since 120 divides nicely into 600 I’m assuming that’s where their going with it.

So over the next few weeks I’ll be cleaning up the 180V mini metal lathe. Hopefully on it’s own to-be-built workbench!

And there is a sister model, the 210V, with a larger 16″ work area. For my own purposes, mainly machining small threaded parts and center drilling, the 12″ work area of the 180V will do. But if you’re looking for a more general purpose small lathe the 210V might be in line with your needs.

If you’re interested to see how I make out, what this lathe does, and if it turns out to be a good low-cost first lathe subscribe to the channel and keep an eye out. Or check back on the website. Either way’ll work!

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