Box Fan Filter Variable Speed Fan Build

Building your own box fan filter is a great way to reduce the amount of dust in your workspace. And you can build it for just about the cost of the fan and a suitable filter.

I’m taking that one step further and adding in variable speed motor control inline with the box fan filter itself. For the cost of an additional triac to chop the voltage to the motor I’ll be able to trim the fan speed up or down depending on the amount of noise and airflow I’d like.

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Running Arbitrary Script on Multiple Login Attempts (Linux)

It so happens that someone was having trouble writing a login script to run after failed attempts. And they needed not only a login script but one to run after some number of failed login attempts and do commit some arbitrary actions.

You could do that with fail2ban, sure. But in this case there’s already a native way to handle it without going outside most standard Linux installs. Because the authentication layer is handled by PAM.d

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Features5 PDF for Cinelerra-GG

Since I can’t find it anywhere online currently here’s the Features5.pdf file from Cinelerra-GG 09/30/2018 release. It documents the Cinelerra-CV and Cinelerra-GG feature set.

Also, it coincidentally has the VP9 settings for Cinelerra that I couldn’t find listed anywhere else under chapter 3.4. Hopefully this helps anyone else whom can’t find it on the Internet while searching.

And since you might be looking for the Cinelerra video editor you can find the -GG version at the project’s website.

Drill Press Squaring (with 3D Printed Tool)

Last week I was attempting use the Craftsman bench press to center drill Titanium bolts with HSS drill bits.

As you can see I was successful at drilling and an utter failure at drilling straight. In hindsight assuming that the table was square enough because it had been bolted and pinned in place was a mistake.

Titanium bolt with a hole drilled through the threaded side.

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