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Heated Bed Cable Replacement on the Prusa i3 Mk3

Recently the heated bed failed on my Prusa i3 Mk3 (from Prusa 3D). But on the up-side it wasn’t the bed itself, but the cables.

So I seized the opportunity to make a video of the troubleshooting process. There’ll also be a follow up video on what replaced the original cable.

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Old Hydronic Furnace to New DIY Metal Melter

Re-use is a common theme. And metal is one of the easiest things you can possibly re-use. But to re-use it you first need a metal melter to melt down the old metal before casting, forging, hammering, milling, or whatever process you’ll use to turn it into something new.

And that’s why I need a melting furnace. Fortuitously I happen to have a furnace that’s being scrapped. So I’ve decided to attempt to turn an old hydronic furnace into a new DIY metal melter.

The product could be one-offs cast from metal, billets for machining, or even some stock for the lathe. And I realize how cost-impractical that last one is. But still think it might be fun to attempt!

Now I’m entirely unsure if this undertaking will work. And aside from building a propane powered aluminum metal melter in a 5 gallon bucket one time I’ve got little experience creating metalworking equipment.

But I’m familiar with the safety concerns of a fired system. And I don’t believe there’ll be an issue with the equipment itself aside from suitability for purpose.

I intend to do a full series on building out the furnace over the next few months. Since we’ll be going into spring by the time the parts are acquired and everything’s cleaned up the timing should work.

Box Fan Filter Variable Speed Fan Build

Building your own box fan filter is a great way to reduce the amount of dust in your workspace. And you can build it for just about the cost of the fan and a suitable filter.

I’m taking that one step further and adding in variable speed motor control inline with the box fan filter itself. For the cost of an additional triac to chop the voltage to the motor I’ll be able to trim the fan speed up or down depending on the amount of noise and airflow I’d like.

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Drill Press Squaring (with 3D Printed Tool)

Last week I was attempting use the Craftsman bench press to center drill Titanium bolts with HSS drill bits.

As you can see I was successful at drilling and an utter failure at drilling straight. In hindsight assuming that the table was square enough because it had been bolted and pinned in place was a mistake.

Titanium bolt with a hole drilled through the threaded side.

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