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Filaments used in, specifically, FFM 3D printing.

Filament’s generally come on a roll with a filament diameter of 1.75mm or 3mm.

Types of filament include PLA, PETG, Vinyl, ABS, Polycarbonate. Subtypes include one of the plastics modified with the addition of powder or strings. Such as wood fibers, metals, luminescent material, or carbon fibers.

Cheapest EBay Filament! Good Deal or Total Junk?

In our new series of videos on YouTube we ask an important question. Is the cheapest PLA 3D Printer filament on EBay a shrewd deal or total garbage?

Initially I’ve weighed out the filament. And over the following weeks I’ll be printing with the entire 2.2lb (1kg) spool to see if it’s worth your hard earned US dollars.

So join me in the shop to see if the lowest priced PLA 3D Printer filament is any good.