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Drill Press Squaring (with 3D Printed Tool)

Last week I was attempting use the Craftsman bench press to center drill Titanium bolts with HSS drill bits.

As you can see I was successful at drilling and an utter failure at drilling straight. In hindsight assuming that the table was square enough because it had been bolted and pinned in place was a mistake.

Titanium bolt with a hole drilled through the threaded side.

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Moving around LVM2 Partitions (and Changing their Size)

Recently I ran into an issue where the size of an existing disk images LVM2 partition didn’t fit. The latest hardware from our vendor didn’t contain a large enough SSD memory drive! Since I didn’t want to re-create the entire image I turned to the Internet for help.

My issues with pre-created images aren’t infrequent. While it’s not as much of a problem currently as it was in the past LVM2 does add a bit of a wrinkle (being a relatively new container format). Between G4L and GParted they solve most issues, just not this one.

While there were quite a few resources available, AskUbuntu was the most concise. In this post in particular. If you look down the second answer by Gilles sorts both problems nicely.