CTC 3D Printer in Action

3D printer printing test print

Replicator style printer from CTC printing a rectangular test print.

And here we can see CTC’s 3D printer printing out a 10 by 40 mm (10mmx40mm) test block to gauge how accurate it is.


  1. Barry Dukes

    Hoping for help from someone. Below is my situation.
    I am missing the SD Card files for my CTC Bizer series Dual Nozzle 3D
    Can anyone send me the link to download them.
    This link did not have the files to install the setup.exe which is on
    the SD Card: http://www.ctcprinter.com/download.php
    I wish the main page had English. None of the ‘radio buttons’ worked,
    therefore my copy is corrupt unfortunately. And who can read Chinese!

  2. Inhibit

    You may be a bit confused as to how that printer works. The software that they include isn’t either proprietary or CTC’s software; it’s a copy of replicatorG available here http://replicat.org/ and you can also use MakerWare for 3G files, available here: https://support.makerbot.com/troubleshooting/makerbot-desktop-software/software-download/download_12190

    Cura also states they now support the Makerbot Replicator which the CTC Bizer is a clone of. The software is available here: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/20510-support-3rd-party-printers

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