Antique Pelouze scale tear-down and repair

Pelouze Scale: Inside an Antique

The Pelouze scale I use for quick weights (as used here)has stopped zeroing out. Something appears to be sticking in it’s rack and pinion assembly. So I’m pulling it’s tabs and taking a look inside!

This scale’s at least 50 years old. And with a bit of lubrication I’m hoping to have it around for another 50 years.

Interestingly, aside from the polymer rack and pinion driving the front dial the scale seems little changed from the original patented in 1898. Earlier examples are on display at the Made in Chicago museum and website.

Construction of the Pelouze scale chassis consists of stamped steel with slot and tab construction. In addition there’s a metal dial, steel pins and hinges, a spring… And that’s about it.

So there’s a look back at a little piece of history. Next up I’ve got a pile of (more) cheap filament from EBay (that I used as a test weight). These rolls promise to be within 2% of tolerance and we’ll see how they stack up!

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