Smoothieware Update for MKS SBase v1.3

While updating my MKS SBase v1.3 to the latest smoothieware software I ran into a bit of a snag. Not a snag you’d find in the actual (recent) Smoothieboards, mind, but a snag that would only occur with the MKS SBase.

As it turns out they’re shipping with a 2014 copy of the Smoothieware firmware. Even as late as 2016! Because of this it won’t read a Fat32 formatted SDcard. Instead you’ll need to format the SDcard with Fat16 for the updated and then can re-format it with Fat32 for storage.

So that’s it! Should you have a MKS SBase board and are having an issue try Fat16 formatting.

Note that¬†Smoothieboards are available from their maintainers. If you purchase a board from them you’ll likely not have these issues. And the hardware is a bit more likely to be in spec!

And you may want to know what this Smoothieboard thing is. Thomas Sanladerer has you covered with one of his videos, better than I would with a few paragraphs of words, on YouTube.

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  1. Steve

    100% correct. I just bought a SBASE 1.3 (July 2018) and I had the exact same issue. I use a Mac so it’s not as simple as it might have been if I used Windows. Anyway, the smallest SD card I have is 8G. I put it in my Mac and did this:

    #diskutil unmountDisk disk4
    #sudo newfs_msdos -F 16 /dev/disk4
    #diskutil mount /dev/disk4
    # df -h | egrep NAME
    /dev/disk3 2.0Gi 2.9Mi 2.0Gi 1% 512 0 100% /Volumes/NO NAME

    The above SD Card is really 8G. I copied the latest smoothieware to the card, inserted the card into the SBASE board and plugged in the USB:

    Build version: edge-24da5ce, Build date: Jun 14 2018 12:12:59, MCU: LPC1768, System Clock: 100MHz
    5 axis

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