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ZoneMinder VM (Ubuntu 18.04)

I’ve created this ZoneMinder VM using the Open Virtualization Format save option in VirtualBox. It includes a default install of Ubuntu 18.04 with ZoneMinder 1.32 mostly configured. And it’s set up to run in the Apache 2 root directory.

I haven’t set up any of the system passwords securely. And I won’t be exposing it to the Internet. So if you download it you should set up any security necessary for your network or situation.

Software licenses should all be some flavor of distribution-allowed open source. So please check all that out for yourself if you need to. And any text setup files I’ve created in this image (Zoneminder_VM.ova), should they require a license, are licensed under the BSD version 2 license.

This ZoneMinder VM image may get a refresh occasionally. If it does this page will get an update to the current version. And updates will replace the original image and be re-linked here.

Once you have the VM running you’ll want to update it. To do that run “sudo apt update” followed by “sudo apt upgrade”.


3 thoughts on “ZoneMinder VM (Ubuntu 18.04)”

  1. Hi, Its great that you have created this VM but am unable to download the complete file for some reason, can you please check if the file is corrupted or anything else is wrong with it?
    A King

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