ZoneMinder VM (Ubuntu 18.04)

I’ve created this ZoneMinder VM using the Open Virtualization Format save option in VirtualBox. It includes a default install of Ubuntu 18.04 with ZoneMinder 1.32 mostly configured. And it’s set up to run in the Apache 2 root directory.

I haven’t set up any of the system passwords securely. And I won’t be exposing it to the Internet. So if you download it you should set up any security necessary for your network or situation.

Software licenses should all be some flavor of distribution-allowed open source. So please check all that out for yourself if you need to. And any text setup files I’ve created in this image (Zoneminder_VM.ova), should they require a license, are licensed under the BSD version 2 license.

This ZoneMinder VM image may get a refresh occasionally. If it does this page will get an update to the current version. And updates will replace the original image and be re-linked here.

Once you have the VM running you’ll want to update it. To do that run “sudo apt update” followed by “sudo apt upgrade”.



  1. A

    Hi, Its great that you have created this VM but am unable to download the complete file for some reason, can you please check if the file is corrupted or anything else is wrong with it?
    A King

  2. joso panceta


    I have come to the point that I succesfuly changed user password , and since I am connected to laptop via mobile phone hotspot I do not know which network connection to select in VM ? Do you have some suggestion how to proceed?

    1. Inhibit

      I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that if the NSA has messed around with the Google Drive stored file they’re capable of changing the hash posted to the website, too. I’d be unlikely to notice.

      [Edit] Sorry if that sounds flippant. My point: if it’s the one uploaded under my google account it’s fine. Anyone capable of swapping out the file there would have enough access to edit or substitute in-line an MD5 hash on this website. The file itself should provide an integrity check to ensure it hasn’t been corrupted in download as well. And if someone has compromised your data lines to the point they’re substituting custom virtual machine files, on the fly, you have bigger issues.

  3. Hi, thanks for the VM 😀

    I’d been wanting to try ZoneMinder but hadn’t wanted to bother with all the setup

    I somehow managed to get this to import into VMware workstation and then to ESXi 6.7U2 (actually wasn’t that hard, just change compatibility in Workstation then export to ESXi host)

    My question is about the configuration, though – I have the cgi-bin directory in /usr/lib/zoneminder/cgi-bin

    Was trying to use it with zmninja — I found this reference:

    Looks like cgi-bin is usually inside of a http-accessible folder, but it’s not in your VM (AFAIK)

    I copied it to /usr/share/zoneminder/www/cgi-bin and all of the sudden zmninja sprung to life (I’m using it on Windows 10 – can’t wait to try the phone apps)

    If anything I’m doing seems wrong, please let me know. I’m a moderate user of Linux and fair/beginner user of Apache2 but complete novice to ZoneMinder (as in, this is the first time I’ve ever touched it).

    Thanks again!

    1. Inhibit

      Good to hear it’s compatible! I had assumed it would be in that package but never had a chance to play around with it.

      If it’s not on the Internet live and it works? Seems like it’d be fine to me.

      [Edit] Oh, one thought, since you may be auto updating it through some mechanism it might be preferred to soft or hard link the directory.

      Hard link, possibly, if there’s some security concern that Apache would baulk over a soft-link executable directory.

      And without any actual knowledge I assume that might be the cgi directory the software you’re using defaults to. You also may be able to change the config file or runtime setting specifying that.

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