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ZoneMinder VM (Ubuntu 18.04)

I’ve created this Virtual Machine using the Open Virtualization Format save option in VirtualBox. It includes a default install of Ubuntu 18.04 with ZoneMinder 1.32 mostly configured. By default this ZoneMinder VM is set up to run in the Apache 2 root directory.

I haven’t set up any of the system passwords securely. And I won’t be exposing it to the Internet. If you download it you should set up any security necessary for your network or situation.

Software licenses should all be some flavor of distribution-allowed open source. Please check all that out for yourself if you need to. And any text setup files I’ve created in this image (Zoneminder_VM.ova), should they require a license, are licensed under the BSD version 2 license.

This VM image may get a refresh occasionally. If it does this page will get an update to the current version. Following updates will replace the original image and be re-linked here.

Once you have the VM running you’ll want to update it. To do that run “sudo apt update” followed by “sudo apt upgrade”.


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