Why I'm removing the IGUS Drylin bushings for now

IGUS Drylin Bushings Removed (for now)

IGUS’s Drylin bushings (RJ4JP-01-08) worked installed in the Prusa i3 Mk3 printer. And they would probably still work to an extent if I left them installed.

However, the problem that I had assumed would happen seemed to be occurring. Without a carriage evenly distributing force across the bushing they were pinching in the middle. Since I need the printer to attempt the creation of a compression fitting for them (in plastic, anyway) I’m having to revert it back to LM8UU bearings (for now).

In addition there are slight wear marks where the band was attached on the bushings. Given that they weren’t on the printer for very long I’d say that’s a sure sign of improper mounting.

Will I try the IGUS Drylins out again once the printer is set up again? Probably. Although this time I’ll be making a test rail to load up bushings or bearings on to look at performance before setting them up on a printer.

In wandering around the Internet I have found a few useful resources for the IGUS Drylin bushings. On the Prusa i3 Mk3 and otherwise.

See this Thingiverse collection for any Mk3 specific mounts. And for my own when they’re finished and tested.

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