Picture of a dial runout gauge with the words "Dial Runout Gauge (3D Printed)" superimposed.

Measuring Runout on a Drill Press (3D Printed Tool)

With the old Craftsman drill press possibly squared I’ve moved on to checking for runout on the chuck. And to that end I’ve created a 3D printed runout gauge holder for round dial indicator.

Any round dial indicator with a 8mm stem should fit the gauge. If you’ve got a different stem size let me know; I’ll adapt the model. Or feel free to adapt it yourself.

I’ve sized the gauge opening to 8.1mm. When I combined this with the slight overhang slop from using “support on the build plate only” in my slicer this gave a good opening that fits snuggly with a minimal amount of tooling.

There are also three different styles of holder. Two have the 14mm slide to fit in the hold-down slots on my drill press table. And the no-groove design is flush on the bottom and should be usable on any drill press table you can bolt it to.

I created “Super Stubby” to get the dial indicator as close as possible to the round stock. Because the 1/2″ round I originally used wasn’t nearly as straight as I thought I switched to an 8mm piece of titanium. With far greater success.

You can find the files at the repository on GitHub or over at Thingiverse.

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